Extremely light fabric that is both soft and warm. 

The Cashmere Nuvola is a 100% cashmere stole, an iconic article of Lanerie Agnona, perfect expression of Agnona timeless elegance and superior quality.

The name Cloud stands for the lightness of the stole, woven of a fiber so light and fine that 180 kilometers of it would make up just one kilo, which makes it the lightest cashmere scarf in the world.

The cashmere yarn used is a seventh part of a human hair and it is so thin that it is impossible to weave, but not for Agnona! To deal with its thinness Agnona developed a very special process and technique. The cashmere yarn is woven with a natural fiber; after the weaving process, the fabric is washed in a special liquid to rub off the vegetal fiber. The extraordinary result is a fabric woven with this extra-fine and extra-light cashmere yarn.

Dyeing and finishing are made with special machines, designed specifically for this extra light fabric.

Finally the garment is tested on special frames; each scarf is carefully analyzed and inspected by the human eye of expert technicians.

This extraordinary stole is the result of Agnona’s know-how, continuous technological research and experimentation.
Agnona has been weaving the world’s finest yarns since 1953, focusing on natural fibers and integrating artisanal processes with the most advanced warping, weaving, dyeing and finishing techniques