White Cashmere hat
White Cashmere hat
White Cashmere hat

White Cashmere hat



Hat made from White Cashmere, the rarest, most prestigious cashmere fibre in the world, famed for its naturally white colour. This hat’s double-layer, jersey stitch knit gives it a unique, rich texture. Features a pom-pom and rib-knit details on the brim.
  • Exclusive high-quality cashmere obtained from the undercoat of the Hircus Laniger goat, which lives in designated areas of Inner Mongolia. A rigorous selection process occurs where only the whitest, smallest and finest natural fibres are chosen. This fibre represents Agnona’s historic love of nature and the best raw materials. That’s where this high-quality yarn is born, exclusive in all aspects — from its superior softness to its sheen and colour, which is obtained by using only white fibres. No chemicals or whiteners are used on the fibres of our white-coloured items. The only process they undergo is washing.
  • Colour: Grey 


  • Composition: 100%WS
  • Made in Italy