“Notice the woman before you notice the clothes” is the message that Simon Holloway- Agnona’s Creative Director, wants to communicate with the latest digital campaign for the brand, starring Liya Kebede.

Simon has been following Liya’s career and personal life for some time, and has always admired her. She embodies the confident, relaxed and effortless chic attitude that makes the ideal Agnona woman.

Liya Kebede is a model, a campaigner, a mother, a designer. She lives between New York and Paris.

Liya is confident, free and elegant in everything she does. She loves to wear clothes that reflect her personal style, nonchalant and of the highest quality. Always.   

The video campaign is shot in Paris, a glimpse of a day in Liya’s life. She is caught in moments of certain freedom, through the attentive direction of Ezra Petronio, in the city that she knows well, a not-too-litteral Paris. With a kind of cinematic feel, channeling the timeless pictures of Hans Feurer in the 1980’s French Elle magazine.

Liya walks around the streets of Paris wearing some wonderful luxury clothes: she moves comfortably in an ochre alpaca peacoat, worn over slouchy pants in charcoal cashemere flannel; she swirls in a wethered tartan long pleated skirt, worn under a long shirt, with a leather belt left almost undone; she is sleek in a an ensemble of a tailored shouldered jacket, slightly  oversize, and larger pants, in wool gabardine; she is elegant in a salt&pepper tweed ‘cardijacket’,  made czsy with a wool-cashemere turtle neck and pants.

She wears the clothes with such a ease, without any constraints. The sleeves are pulled down or up, according to her mood; the coat is left unbuttoned, to give freedom of movement; the belts are loose, for a light touch. She likes to snuggle in the clothes, a luxury cocooning. Perfect when the first autumn chills hit the air in the city.   And she always looks effortlessly chic. With no pretensions.

Liya personifies Agnona. Where tailoring blends with sportswear, a slouchy formality.

She says she gets inspired by energy, music, imagination, beautiful words, love. 

“Elegance is in simplicity, and in quietness…” she likes to say. Words that easily express the esprit of Agnona too.