Five different women together for a special project with L’Officiel.

Agnona has chosen Five Italian Icons Laura Baldassari, Alberica Brivio Sforza, Greta Ferro, Valeria Golino, and Isabella poti that stand out in the Milanese panorama for their strong passion and commitment to their fields.

Agnona is proud to dress them and have them represent the brand with their chic and luxurious allure. ‘Agnona is a tail of inclusion and this project is built on a verity of women’, explains Alessandra Carra.‘The issue of female inclusion is perfect, the women represented are talents of different ages, social and cultural backgrounds. They all share a strong passion, great talent, and creative intelligence’. The result is a temporary exhibition under the banner of Italianesse ‘these women represent diagonal narration and they are themselves icons of a Italian positivity’, continues Carra. ‘They are women that interact with clothes. The idea was to give character and identity to the clothes, in a dialogue with those values that build the story of these extraordinary women.