With the Eternals collection, Simon Holloway - Agnona’s creative director, has rethought the urban classics, the must-haves of a modern-day wardrobe, created for a confident woman. Eternals is a ‘Capsule’ collection of essential sartorial pieces, expertly tailored and constructed in Italy with a focus on perfect details, wonderful quality and exquisite craftsmanship, that are synonymous with Agnona.

The pieces are seasonless, luxury basics that can be used any time and mixed with any other from a woman’s wardrobe, old and new: a slim coat, a blazer, a tailored jogging pants. 

They perfectly blend style and functionality.

The colours chosen are the four pillars of classic wardrobe: Black, flannel grey, navy and camel. With a fifth shade, the impeccable rosewood, that reflect Agnona’s feminine heritage as the weaver of the finest fabrics.

“The Eternals wardrobe cuts through the clutter and noise of seasonal fashion and offers timeless and luxurious solutions with exquisite quality”.- SIMON HOLLOWAY