In line with the contemporary tailoring spirit, the first knitted cashmere sneaker is born to complete the look of the Agnona woman suggesting dynamism and practicality.

The Sneaker is made with one of the most precious yarns, the 2.28, and is the result of the most accurate selection of the best fibers of the Capra Hircus Laniger from Alaska, where the strong temperature changes between day and night favor the development of a down from the exceptional thermoregulation capacity of the body, which protects the animal from low temperatures.



Cashmere fiber also has a substantial degree of hygroscopicity, which protects the body from humidity and allows perfect transpiration, maintaining a constant temperature.



The 2.28 sneaker, (2 / 28.000 is the yarn titration, that is the indicator used to measure its fineness) with long laces that wrap around the ankle is offered in three colors: mélange gray, antique pink and black.